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Jump Off Rock In Laurel Park, Hendersonville, NC

jump off rock hendersonville

Jump Off Rock Welcome Sign Jump Off Rock in Laurel Park offers a fantastic view of the Blue Ridge Mountains and towns below. Just a 10 minute drive from downtown Hendersonville, Jump Off Rock is a great place to visit if you like hiking, stunning mountain views, or just reading a book in the afternoon sun on one of the park's benches.

The view is an impressive panorama that stretches from Flat Rock, NC all the way to Asheville and even further north. It offers a clear view of the Blue Ridge and Pisgah Mountains, and on a clear day you can see the Biltmore Estate, the Asheville Airport, and other attractions to the north.

Jump Off Rock is a favorite destination for bicyclists from Hendersonville as the ride up the mountain is great exercise, the view is a great reward, and the ride back down the mountain is a blast.

It's also a favorite destination for painters and photographers who draw inspiration from its beauty.

Hiking Trail Maps Hiking at Jump Off Rock is only one reason for visiting the park. There are three trails for hiking, each one varying in length and difficulty level.

The easy (or blue) trail takes only about 8 minutes and is roughly about 500 feet long.

The medium (or yellow) trail usually takes around 15 minutes and is around 1200 feet in distance.

The hard (or red) trail is the hardest one, and despite it being about the same length as the medium trail, it takes a little longer to complete because of its added level of difficulty.

Jumpoff Rock Hiking Trails Jump Off Rock also has an old Indian legend associated with it. The legend says that a young Cherokee Indian maiden jumped from the rock after hearing that her loved one had been killed in battle.

It is said that you can still see her ghost at the rock on moonlit nights.

If you are looking for a great place to visit while in Hendersonville, make sure to stop by Jump Off Rock in Laurel Park. We think you'll find that it's well worth the short trip up the mountain.

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